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At Sanfer lingerie & Swimwear, we have a manufacturing approach that protects and respects nature.
This means that our products are not only environmentally friendly, but also sustainable and ethically produced.
We have chosen to work with environmentally friendly fabrics that, in addition to caring for the environment, take care of your skin as well, a natural lycra with sun protection and free of toxic substances for skin certified by the company OEKO-Tex Standard 100.

The technology behind our swimwear is from Rhodia-Solvay, which has developed a thread called Amni Soul Eco, the world's first biodegradable thread.

From this thread were born Fluity CO2, and Light CO2, fabrics made especially for swimwear, to ensure that your swimwear will last years of sun, salt water and swimming.

Do you know?

The fashion industry Is the second biggest polluter worldwide. Your simple cotton tee takes 2.700L of water to be made! The same amount a person drinks in a 3 years period.

An American will throw away 37kg of used clothes a year. Waste that will, most likely, end up on a landfill and take decades, do decompose.


We are a 100% sustainable company.
All our bathing suits are made from fully eco-friendly BIODEGRADABLE lycra, our packaging is made of eco-friendly, sustainable, washable and returnable cotton.


Contributing to a Greener World, one bikini at a time…
From the very early days of Sanfer lingerie & Swimwear we knew we wanted to build an eco-friendly company. It had to be more than a fashion brand, it had to be as sustainable as possible from water consumption to landfill waste. Our goal is that when our customer wear our products they feels good about it, proud to be wearing an apparel that will not have a negative impact on the environment


Why is it eco-friendly?
Once your used swimsuit ends in a landfill - a sealed, oxygen-free environment - it will begin to decompose and will completely disappear within three years. A swimwear made from a traditional polyamide will take more than 50 years to decompose. Polluting the environment and the waters of rivers and seas.

Learn more about our biodegradable products here

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