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2 piece bikini set

Comfortable shorts and top with lace on the back.

About fabric:

Our fabrics have the most advanced technology on the market, are malleable, biodegradable, with UV protection equal to or greater than 50+, do not need to be ironed and are quick-drying.

- Strictly follow the instructions for use and conservation on the part label;

- Wash light colors and dark colors separately;

- Do not let it soak;

- Do not use too much soap;

- Do not use a whitening product, such as clear or bleach;

- Do not put soap directly on the mesh/fabric;

- Rinse well, leaving no soap residue and excess water;

- Strong fluorescent colors should be washed separately and with more water;

- Stretch and/or dry immediately after finishing the washing process;

- Drying should be done in the shade;

- For polyamide articles, especially in fluorescent colors, do not expose too much to sunlight or artificial light.

Belize bikini set

135,00 €Precio
Color: Cherry blossom blue
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